Sharing is Caring, The Megibung Tradition

Food plays an important part in many kinds of festivities. From birthday parties to corporate meetings, it is undeniable that without great food, any gathering would be incomplete. Any heated discussion can be solved over a great meal. In Bali, there is a deep rooted culture called Megibung, which is a tradition of eating together from the same big platter, called a “Dulang”.

This tradition originated from Karangasem in East Bali. Up to 7 people can sit around the table and enjoy a feast of various dishes on the platter. Typically, a platter would consist of Balinese style roast chicken dish, a type of meat skewers, lawar or steamed vegetables with shredded coconut and few other vegetables or tofu dishes. 

Megibung Is more than just eating together but it is also a chance to have an open communication in the community. This tradition is unfortunately slowly fading away due to the tendencies of individuality in modern society.

To prepare such feast would be quite a task, fortunately, Warung Damar would like to offer the opportunity to follow the Balinese custom and eat in the same manner as “Megibung”. Authentic recipes of Balinese dishes served on banana leaf platter, perfect for a true Balinese style celebration.

A platter would consist of:

  • Rendang Sapi – a famous beef curry from Padang
  • Sate - prawn satay and Satay Lilit a fish satay
  • lawar - mixed vegetables with herbs
  • Chicken Betutu – chicken baked in Balinese herbs
  • Soup - Chicken and egg 
  • Chicken Pelalah – mild red chili chicken
  • Tofu and tempe Bacem - bean curd and bean cake, Indonesian style sambal
  • Bubur injin - Balinese black rice pudding for dessert

This experience will be served for two people up to 8 people.

Warung Damar serves authentic and delicious Indonesian food from 11.00 – 23.00. For reservation go to our facebook page or website.


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