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If you have lived in Bali or Indonesia at large, traditional fresh herbs and spices will most likely be a staple in your daily life. Indonesian herbs and spices are used in many ways, from cooking to remedies. Jamu is an Indonesian traditional remedy drink. It is made by mixing combinations of herbs, usually boiled with water and reduced to create a flavorful drink with many health benefits.  In the old days, jamu was sold by middle aged ladies carrying a basket on their backs with at least 8 types of concoctions in glass bottles. These ladies were called Ibu Jamu Gendong which literally means the lady that carries jamu on her back. These ladies would walk from morning to late afternoon offering their drinks to construction workers on the street and mothers at home. The most well known type of Jamu is Jamu Kunyit or Turmeric. Turmeric is one of the most healing herbs that prevents many different forms of cancer and is great for bones as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Beer Facts!

You have probably drunk at least one bottle of beer in your lifetime; it is the oldest and most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Beer is produced by fermenting sugar, malted barley, hops and water. The amount of alcohol varies from 4% to 6% alcohol by volume.  Here are some Beer facts that you can use to start a conversation with strangers in a bar. The first professional brewers were women, called a “Brewster”. In colonial America, women were tavern-keepers and brewers; beer brewing was also one of the chores done at home. As time passed, consumption of beer became higher than water, which led it to become industrialized. Men started to take over and build bigger breweries and turned beer brewing into a business.  Belgium wins as the country with the most individual beer brands in the world. There are approximately 180 breweries in the country that produce up to 400 types of beer.  IPA or India Pale Ale got its name when British brewers tried to ship their beer to

Rainbow Cocktail

Money can't buy happiness but it sure can buy a cocktail! There are many Classic Cocktails that can quench your thirst and give you that buzz. Vodka, whiskey and rum are the common base for many mixed drinks and pour in fruit juices for bright flavours or liqueurs such as Triple Sec and Crème de Cassis for a deep and sweet flavoured note. The point is to know your flavours. These days, cocktails are not only about mixing flavours and alcohol, it is also about showmanship. Red Rainbow Cocktail is perfect example of a drink that tastes as good as it looks. This cocktail is vodka based with blue curacao, strawberry syrup and orange juice. Unlike other drinks where all the liquids are stirred or shaken, this particular drink is made by layering the liquid forming a gradient of multiple colours in a glass.                                                                                                  How to Pour a Layered Cocktail 1.  Pour the orange juice

Balinese Kitchen Secret: Sambal Matah

If you are familiar with Balinese food you may encounter the delicious Sambal Matah ,  which literally means Raw Sambal . This type of sambal is one of the best kinds of sambal you will ever taste, when done properly. Many alternatives recipes have arisen, substituting coconut oil with palm oil, using regular lime instead of Kaffir lime and the biggest sin of all, omitting shrimp paste altogether from the recipe. It is not unusual to recreate and reinvent a classic dish but preserving the original recipe is a must. Below is how the Balinese mothers would make their sambal, a non apologetic recipe that doesn’t call for removing the pit of the chili because sambals are meant to be hot and spicy and the use of two types of chilies because each chili gives a different taste and heat intensity. Ingredients 3 Pcs. Garlic, finely sliced 3 Pcs. Kaffir lime leaf, finely sliced  8 Pcs. Shallot, finely sliced, not chopped 8 Pcs. Bird eye chili, thinly sliced 4 Pcs. R