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French cuisine has brought so many great dishes, savory and sweet, to the world. Delicious pastries are one of the best things about French cooking. The perfect combination of butter, flour and milk creates a flaky and flavorful pastry. Quiche is one of the perfect French pastries to be enjoyed on any occasion. The buttery crust filled with egg custard with various fillings.  Quiche originated from Germany, first called  “kuchen” or cake, during the medieval times where the Germans ruled the area of Lothringen. Quiche was an open pie of cream, egg and bacon with a crust made of bread dough. When the French took over the land and changed the name into Lorraine, the dish began to be called as Quiche Lorraine, the crust then evolved into the buttery flaky crust that we all know and love. This particular dish then became popular in the UK during the second world war and today it can be found almost everywhere in the world with various fillings. Quiche Lorraine Recipe: Crust


The Japanese are known for their intelligence and discipline in whatever they do. This attitude also translates into their most popular food, Sushi. Sushi is the type of food that looks simple and easy to make but in reality a lot of preparation and attention to detail play a large role in making great sushi. To become a good sushi Chef, one must master the intricate and detailed process of creating a plate of Sushi. Sushi rice is unlike any other rice in Asian cuisine. Short grain Japanese rice is used, cooked to perfection and mixed with the perfect ratio of rice vinegar, sugar and salt. In some cases, kombu or kelp and sake are added to add another layer of flavor. The rice is mixed with the vinegar mixture and allowed to cool until it is manageable with bare hands. Someone who is looking to become a Itamae or Sushi Chef, must undergo years of training under a Master Itamae . After five years of following orders and helping on the job, they will be involved in making t

Bali Wines

On this holiday island, wine and spirits are in high demand, from top shelf items to homemade spirits. In the last decade, most tourists would steer clear of locally made wine and spirits but times are changing! Local wines are constantly improving and can now match or exceed the quality of some imported wines. Competitive prices certainly make more people interested in trying and eventually becoming a fan of locally produced wines. When talking about wine of Bali, it would only be appropriate to mention the first Bali winery, Hatten Wines. The winery started producing wine in 1992, using an unconventional grape variety grown on the North Coast of the island. Their first production was Rose, which seemed fitting to the islands tropical climate. The Rosé gained popularity for hotels and restaurants as it is a great value product. The winery did not stop there, with the help of French winemakers they work on applying méthode champenoise to their wine and producing quality Spark