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Exotic Fruit

Welcome to Bali! The best thing about Bali is the abundance of fresh local ingredients that never stop to amuse aspiring chefs and talented professional chefs around the globe. When we talk about fresh ingredients, it never goes far from exotic vegetables and fruits that can be found in the area. Here is the list of 5 exotic Fruits, nope dragon fruit is not that exotic anymore, that you should buy and try while on the island. Fruit Market in Ubud, source: Pinterest             Boni (Buah Buni) These little fellas come in clustering bunch. The color varies from deep ruby to similar to red radishes. Boni tastes sour and some parts are bitter. If spicy and sour is your thing, asks a local friend to make a rujak sauce made from sugar, fresh chillies, tamarind and shrimp paste. It will definitely rock your palette. Ambarella (Kedondong) This green fruit has a thin leathery skin. It is rock hard and meant to be eaten in thin sliced with, again, rujak sauce.

Blood Donation Day

On 27 February 2017,  Bali Garden Beach Resort hosted Blood Donation Event with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI). The event was held to encourage Hospitality workers to donate blood and to raise awareness on giving blood to help others and for health.  The event started at 10:00 in the morning, PMI with the help from Bali Garden Beach Resort staff members organize portable folding bed to accommodate blood donors. Four doctors and two PMI staff members were very effective from start to finish. Warung Damar, Boardwalk and Tempio participated on behalf the F&B outlets. First-timer blood donors were excited and nervous but soon realized that there was nothing to be worried about.  The doctors were very patient and understanding, calming the nerve. Old-timer blood donors were more than enthusiastic and confident to give blood, handing out their Blood Donor Card to the registration table with pride.  Unfortunately, few members of sta