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Bali’s Culinary Heritage: Base Genep

In the world of cuisine, the word “mother sauce” is used when referring to basic sauces that will be a starting point for making various secondary sauces. In French cuisine, most cooks will know the 5 mother sauces that branch out to hundreds of derivatives.  Béchamel: Basic white sauce made of equal parts of flour and butter, a mixture called “roux”, whisk in warm milk Tomato sauce: Basic tomato sauce Espagnol: Basic brown stock, made from roasted beef bones thicken with roux Velouté: A lightly cooked roux whisk in chicken stock, fish stock or any clear stock Hollandaise: An emulsion of clarified butter, a type of vinegar and egg yolk These five sauces are the pillars of French cuisine. Across the globe, in Bali, the principle of cooking is also based on basic sauces and herbs. The differences of climate, culture and the type of herbs and spices available obviously shape different types of basic sauces. The Balinese do not shy away from using good amounts of garli


Sometimes a sign of a good party is when there is a good bottle of Tequila in sight. This distilled spirit comes from Central Mexico and was first produced in the 16 th century. In modern times this spirit usually enjoyed as a shot with salt and lime, has a bad reputation and mostly associated with people behaving badly after a few shots. Before you take that shot and do silly things, here are a few facts that might be useful as an ice breaker at your next party. Tequila got its name from its city of origin; you’ve guessed it, the city of Tequila . The meaning of the word “tequila” is unknown. Blue Agave, the plant that produces Tequila also produces Agave nectar an alternative sweetener that is thinner than honey and sweeter than refined sugar. It is commonly used in baking and as cocktail sweetener as it dissolves faster than simple syrup. Any spirit produced from the agave plant is called Mezcal. While Tequila is technically a Mezcal, Mezcal is not Tequila. T


Pizza is one of Italia’s best gifts to the world. The round yeasty thin bread topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese have become a beloved staple all over the world. Topping varieties have been added, even localized flavors such as Rendang Pizza or Huevos Rancheros Pizza, and depending where you are in the world the thickness of the crust will be different. Traditional pizza is made in a wood fired oven that gives the dough a nice smoky flavor with a nice char on the crust, nowadays many restaurants or home cooks use a regular oven and are still able to produce good quality pizza. Another crucial factor that makes a good pizza is the dough. A nice yeasty dough that rises up slightly as it cooks in the oven. The perfect dough will hold the sauce and the topping perfectly when the pizza is sliced. To recreate this great Italian gift, we are sharing a simple pizza dough recipe that you can use at home.  Ingredients: 250 Gr All Purpose Flour 3 Gr Instant Y

Comfort Food

Comfort food always comes to mind when the weather is cold and gloomy like these couple of days. Although comfort food commonly refers to North American and European cuisine, there are other cuisines that are winning at the comfort food game. Our highlight this week is Indian cuisine. Indian food is one of the world’s cuisines that uses plenty of herbs and spices, it brings not just warmth but also health benefits. Turmeric, cardamom, ginger and chili are the basic ingredients used to build amazing flavors.  One of the most common sauces from the Indian kitchen would be Tikka Masala. A creamy red/yellow curry with yoghurt added to the mix. A fun fact about the origin of this sauce, it may have originated from an Indian restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland where a gentleman ordered a curry that was too dry so the cook added tomato and yoghurt. The dish was an instant hit. It may also have originated from the  Punjab in India, who are we to argue.  We are sharing our version of T


Start the grill because it is time to crack open a cold Bintang and get cooking! Everybody loves a proper finger licking BBQ Pork Ribs, the sticky sauce and falling off the bone ribs. In KaBar, we are serious about our Pork Ribs. We slow cook our ribs and we serve them big. Our BBQ sauce is sticky and sweet, perfect for the succulent pork ribs. Today we are sharing you our BBQ sauce and how we produce our Monster Ribs. Let us know what your favorite BBQ sauce recipe is! MONSTER RIBS Ingredients ·          Pork ribs                                                 2 kg ·          Garlic                                                       20 gr ·          Onion                                                      20 gr ·          Paprika powder                                     30 gr                                 ·          Salt and pepper                                     5/3 gr ·          Mix herbs                                               3 gr