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Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, this means diversity of culture, language, food and religion at its finest. When travelling through Indonesia , it is highly recommended to try different types of cuisine across the islands. Although the majority of the country’s population is Muslim and the consumption of pork is highly regulated, Bali excels at being a destination for the pork eater. The one pork dish that shines brighter than the others is Nasi Babi Guling or Suckling Pig. Babi Guling is the Balinese style Pork Roast, served family style in numerous ceremonies as a feast and togetherness. Luckily, we don’t need to have a ceremony to sample one of Bali ’s finest cuisines. Many street vendors sell Babi Guling by portion usually for lunch, price ranges from 10.000 to 25.000. A good Babi Guling vendor would display a whole roasted pig with shiny crackling behind a glass showcase. This means that they most likely roast their own pork with their signature spi


Most adults have experimented with one or many diets to achieve the perfect body image. From miracle pills to water diet, many would go to great length to sheds those extra calories. Extreme dieting usually ends up with a case of eating disorder and most likely to cause what it is called a yoyo diet, where you diet to lose 10 kg but after you succeed you lose track and gain it all back and more. What is recommended is a change of lifestyle that surpasses the idea of getting a chiseled body but more on the history of food, animal welfare and most importantly overall health. 1. Paleo The name Paleo comes from The Paleolithic Age, the era of hunters and gatherers. A person on a Paleo diet believe that humans should stick to the diet of the ancestors which consist only of red meat, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables. Grains, legumes and dairy as they require extensive processing and were not consumed by our ancestor are not included in the diet. Benefit

A Cup of Java

The term “a cup of Java” is commonly used to describe a cup of coffee. But why “Java”? Java is one of the main islands of Indonesia that back in the 17 th century was colonized by the Dutch and coffee beans were the main commodity. Until today, the term is still used by those who enjoy a hot cup of black coffee in the morning. Coffee bean origins are not the only thing that matters in the modern coffee world; Brewing methods, from French Press to Moka Pot, roasting technique from light roast to dark roast, not to mention the many types of milk that can be used from full fat cow’s milk to almond milk. Remember going to a modern specialty coffee shop for the first time? A regular cup is called a Tall and they actually serve a cup that can contain close to a liter of specialty coffee drinks. A Coffee shop is more than a place to get your cup of strong black coffee that is desperately needed before dealing your boss and colleagues on a week day. For now, let’s get back t

Wedang Jahe

Ginger has been known as a medicinal spice, it is very common to have a ginger and lemon tea when we are feeling under the weather. Indonesia, being a country that is obsessed with strong and complex flavors in food and drinks, has the perfect ginger drink that will surely kick start your body.  Wedang Jahe is the country’s version of ginger tea, packed with other medicinal spices that will not only boost your energy but also satisfy your taste buds. The combination of sweetness from palm sugar and the heat coming out from ginger, nutmeg and cloves is balanced out by the fragrance of lemongrass. The best part of this drink is that it is super easy to make and it does not need any fancy ingredients.   Ingredients 200 Gr Fresh Ginger  160 Gr Palm Sugar 5 Pcs Clove 1 Pcs Lemongrass 1 Pcs Nutmeg 1 Pcs Pandan Leaf 1 Ltr Water Method Slice and roast fresh ginger in a hot pan without oil until it releases the fragrance In a separate