Bali Wines

On this holiday island, wine and spirits are in high demand, from top shelf items to homemade spirits. In the last decade, most tourists would steer clear of locally made wine and spirits but times are changing! Local wines are constantly improving and can now match or exceed the quality of some imported wines. Competitive prices certainly make more people interested in trying and eventually becoming a fan of locally produced wines.

When talking about wine of Bali, it would only be appropriate to mention the first Bali winery, Hatten Wines. The winery started producing wine in 1992, using an unconventional grape variety grown on the North Coast of the island. Their first production was Rose, which seemed fitting to the islands tropical climate. The Rosé gained popularity for hotels and restaurants as it is a great value product. The winery did not stop there, with the help of French winemakers they work on applying méthode champenoise to their wine and producing quality Sparkling Wines. For the Hatten Wines, the winery uses French origin Alphonse-Lavallée grapes for red and rosé wines, local Probolinggo Biru grapes for white wine and Belgian Grape from Muscat family for the semi-sweet dessert wine.

Apart from using locally grown grapes, Hatten Wines also produces wines from Australian grown grapes, Two Islands Wine. These grapes are imported frozen and vinified in Bali, producing wines that are perfect for both the Australian and Asian palate. The firsts varieties introduced to the market are Cabernet-Merlot, Shiraz, Riesling and Chardonnay. In 2015, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc were added to the list.

Red Wine:

Cabernet Merlot: Deep ruby red with notes of herbal leafy, toasty chocolate and vanillin oak aromas.  Perfect paired with strong flavored Indonesian food, red meat and hard cheese.

Shiraz: Medium bodied wine with ruby red in color. Distinct Shiraz quality of spicy cherry and pepper complemented with chocolate and vanillin oak flavors.  This dry red is perfect with spicy dishes, roasted vegetables and meat dishes

Pinot Noir: Medium-bodied with medium-light ruby in color. Note of red berry fruits and vanilla tart. This wine is perfect for duck dishes, charcuteries and cheese platters

White Wine:
Chardonnay: Straw gold in color, offering a clean and crisp finish with distinct Chardonnay aroma.  This perfect dry white wine is best paired with Indonesian and Balinese cuisine.

Riesling: Pale straw in color, semi dry wine with crisp acid finish and floral fruit aromas. Best paired with seafood and dried fruits.

Pinot Grigio: This is a complex medium-bodied and dry white wine with notes of sweet spices, peach and caramel is spicy, aromatic, full and complex. One glass of this wine is not enough to fully understand the complexity. Best enjoyed with light food.

Sauvignon Blanc: Light bodied dry white wine with aromas of apples and berry. A perfect lunch would consist of a glass of this wine with light pasta and salad.
Now is the time to pick your favorite bottle and enjoy your meal even more with these selection of wines.

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