Time to Unwind

A Holiday is about seeing new things, breaking away from your daily routine and releasing all that stress from work. When in Bali, stress relief can go from one extreme to the other. Climbing Mount Batur, rafting in Ubud, or jump off of a cliff into the clear water at Gitgit Waterfall are prime activities for the adrenalin junkies while for the seeker of inner peace and relaxation they can opt for Yoga and meditation classes, sunset watching on the cliffs of Uluwatu and of course the ultimate relaxation, a Balinese Massage session.

Balinese massage is believed to stimulate the blood flow and relax tight and sore muscles. This particular massage technique consists of firm and gentle stroking with warm essential oil and acupressure. The therapist does not apply hard pressure on the body unlike reflexology, so total relaxation can be achieved. A typical full body Balinese massage would go from one to two hours per session. The therapist will start from your feet and slowly work their way up. Any knots in the muscle will be slowly worked on and as the message goes on do not be surprised if you find yourself falling into a deep sleep.

Aromatherapy plays an important part in Balinese massage, each essential oil brings different benefits to the mind and body. These oils are warmed up and not unlikely to be mixed to create different aromas.

  • Sandalwood Oil: Acts as an anti-inflammatory and has cooling effects beneficial for cases of nervous and circulatory inflammation.
  • Jasmine Oil: Acts as an anti-depressant and has antiseptic properties, beneficial for fading scar marks
  • Rose Oil: Acts as an moisturizer and beneficial for treating redness and inflammed skin with acne
  • Peppermint Oil: Gives a cooling sensation and calming effect to the body during massage treatment
  • Coconut Oil: Relieves sun burnt skin and helps moisturize the skin.
  • Lavender Oil: Enhances blood circulation and treats respiratory problems

Choosing the right spa is the first step to getting a proper Balinese massage. Always do your research before booking a Balinese massage as it is important to have an experienced therapist and to have good quality essential oil. When it comes to self-care and body massage it is wise not to compromise.

Tari Spa offers Spa Treatments including Balinese Massage, Pedicure Manicure and Body Wax. For bookings contact us on Facebook or through our website.


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