Happy Feet

Our body is our temple and we should make a conscious effort to take care of our body. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the popular measures taken by most people. Massage and reflexology are now also seen as ways to take care of our bodies. In modern western society, there are skeptics who see massage therapy only as a form of leisure but in the medical field, since 1970 in the US, massage therapy has been used to help patients to relieve pain. 

There are many types of massage therapy that give different benefits to the body. Swedish massage, Thai massages and Reflexology are the most well known therapies in the world. Reflexology is a style of massage that works mostly on the feet and hands. It is believed that the nerves on the bottom of our feet and in our palms connect to various parts of our inner works. It involves application of pressure to specific points.  For example, the toes and feet indicate your neck and head area, while the heel area connects with the pelvic area. 

As can be seen from the chart, this is a complex type of therapy that needs to be practiced for years.

In China, it is common to have your own reflexologist, similar to having a family doctor in another part of the world. They will come once a week or more and share their health problems to have it fixed on the massage chair.  Fatigue, constipation and back pain are few of the problems believed to be cured by reflexology. A good certified reflexologist can determine how hard to apply the pressure and is able to recommend specific diet that will help recovery.

In Bali, the spa industry is booming. Along the Legian and Kuta Streets, smaller Spa shops are popping up endlessly offering reflexology, body massage and everything in between. When it comes to wellness, please choose wisely to avoid any mistreatment and causing more damage to your body. Although a cheap price may lure you, please remember to put sanitary and quality treatment first.

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