Sometimes a sign of a good party is when there is a good bottle of Tequila in sight. This distilled spirit comes from Central Mexico and was first produced in the 16th century. In modern times this spirit usually enjoyed as a shot with salt and lime, has a bad reputation and mostly associated with people behaving badly after a few shots.

Before you take that shot and do silly things, here are a few facts that might be useful as an ice breaker at your next party.

  1. Tequila got its name from its city of origin; you’ve guessed it, the city of Tequila. The meaning of the word “tequila” is unknown.
  2. Blue Agave, the plant that produces Tequila also produces Agave nectar an alternative sweetener that is thinner than honey and sweeter than refined sugar. It is commonly used in baking and as cocktail sweetener as it dissolves faster than simple syrup.
  3. Any spirit produced from the agave plant is called Mezcal. While Tequila is technically a Mezcal, Mezcal is not Tequila. The difference being Tequila is specifically produced from Blue Agave while Mezcal can be produced from many varieties of agave plant.
  4. Just like Champagne needs to originate from Champagne, France, Tequila must originate from Mexico to be called Tequila. If it comes from another place in the world, it is called Agave Spirit.
  5. Surprisingly, Tequila has health benefits. It helps the body to break down dietary fat which can lower the levels of bad cholesterol. So there you go another reason to have a shot of Tequila.

Be it Jose Cuervo or Patron, please drink responsibly and have a great time!

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