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Indonesian Satay

Satay or sate in Bahasa Indonesian spelling, is small pieces of seasoned meat, skewered, grilled and served with sauce. A dish widely popular in Asia; Indonesia and Malaysia are the two countries where satay can be commonly found. Chicken, mutton and beef are typically used in both countries as the majority of the population are Moslem.
The great thing about Indonesia is the diversity of religion, culture and cuisines. The island of Java with a Moslem majority, use plenty of chicken and mutton but if you travel to a different part of the country such as Borneo, North Sumatra and Bali, people eat pork. 
The most popular satay has to be Sate Ayam or Chicken Satay, served with sweet peanut sauce and rice or rice cakes. The chicken thigh is cut up into small pieces and each skewer will have 4 pieces of meat. The raw satay is then marinated with sweet soy sauce and garlic before being cooked over a charcoal grill. Since the meat is a small size, the skewers do not take long to cook. After be…

Baked Pasta

The best thing about Sunday is being able to sit and have a meal with your family. The stress from a daily routine should melt away with wonderful company and amazing food. Who can pass freshly baked pasta straight out of the oven for a Sunday dinner? Lasagna and cannelloni are the most famous traditional Italian baked pasta dishes that can be enjoyed anytime. Traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation keep the dish authentic.

Cannelloni is shaped like a tube to be filled with meat sauce or spinach and ricotta which is then covered with more tomato sauce and bechamel. You don’t need to be a professional chef to bake a great cannelloni with this simple recipe!
Beef Cannelloni Filling: 1 kg minced beef1 tbsp. olive oil1000 ml tomato basil sauce400 g dried cannelloni tubes

Bechamel: 50 g butter50 g plain flour500 ml whole milk

Topping: 100 g parmesan, grated

Filling: Sautee the beef in a pan on a medium-high heat until browned. Remove and set aside. Add the oil and the 60…

The Perfect Burger

Who doesn’t love a good juicy burger? A perfectly grilled thick beef patty in between a soft burger bun is perfect to be eaten at any time of the day. Technically a sandwich, practically anything under the sun can be inside. The most common additions would be bacon, egg and onion to the somewhat acquired taste such as artichoke, beetroot and foie gras.
Although we can go in so many directions with burgers, sometimes simplicity is perfection. Get your grill fired up because we are about to start cooking some great burgers!
The Burger
Beef Patty 500 g beef mince1 onion finely chopped2 tsp garlic chopped1/4 cup breadcrumb2 eggs beaten2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

The Burger 120 g beef patty30 g crispy bacon20 gr mushroom button, sautéed20 g white onion, caramelized20 gr pickled jalapeno, sliced20 gr gherkin, sliced1 slice American White cheddar cheese2 leaves of iceberg lettuce15 g tomato sauce5 g yellow mustard1 pcs burger bun, toasted

Method: Beef Patty: Place beef mince in a bowl and add all ing…

Happy Holidays!

New Year’s Eve is coming in just 4 weeks and as it goes around the world many traditions will influence how we celebrate the changing of the year. In Indonesia, fireworks and prayers are loud and clear in the night sky but in any other countries there are more elaborate ways to celebrate the changing of the year.
Brazil: On the famous beach of Copacabana, people will dress in white as a symbol of good luck for the year ahead. Champagne is traditionally drunk and eating grapes and lentils are customs associated with the holiday.
Chile: It is believed that wearing the color yellow on New Year’s Eve will restore the vitality in one’s life. For good luck, people will leave coins on their door step or walk around with money in their hands.
Japan: New Year's Eve is used to prepare for and welcome Toshigami, the New Year's god. People clean their home to welcome the god before New Year's Eve. Buddhist temples ring their bells 108 times at midnight representing the 108 elements of a …