Hot Wings!

It is easy to say that one of the most popular finger foods of all time are Chicken Wings smothered in hot sauce, the perfect match for a glass of cold beer on a night out at the bar. No shame in licking your fingers after every bite because it would be such a waste to wipe the sticky, sweet and spicy sauce onto a napkin. To profess your love of Hot Wings, Aribar is hosting a Hot Wings Challenge! So you think you can handle the heat?

The challenge is simple, finish 25 pieces of Hot Wings in under 3 minutes. Aribar will provide you with a bottle of ice cold beer to cool the burning sensation and to help bring things down. If you beat the HEAT, the devoured Hot Wings and beer are free; we will put a photo of you wearing the Aribar Beat the Heat T shirt on our wall with a victorious smile. You don’t want to be a loser, if you let the Heat Beat you and fail the challenge, we will simply give you the bill for the wings and beer.  

If you are not up for the challenge; Sit tight and witness the Hot Wings Challenge!

So, who’s next??

Fun starts at Aribar! Join us for Tequila Buffet, Tacos and Jalapeno Poppers. Open Daily 11.00 – 23.00


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