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In Asia, noodles are the closest thing to life itself. From China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and many other Asian countries have their own signature noodle dish that represent the culture and the flavor profile of each country.

Do you consider yourself an avid traveler and a noodle aficionado? We have 10 top Noodle dishes from across Asia that are worth trying.

1. Mie Goreng
The classic, can’t go wrong dish, Indonesian style fried noodle. The stir fry noodle, usually mixed with chicken and garnished with fried egg, is coated with thick sweet soy sauce balanced with the heat from the spices. The noodles are made with egg and flour, resulting in a chewy thick noodle that is perfect to carry all the spices.

2. La Mien
La mien is a Chinese noodle made by pulling the dough into strands of noodles. The art of noodle pulling can only be mastered after years of practice. The perfect noodle is usually served with flavorful clear chicken broth with various meat such as beef brisket, shrimp wontons or sliced pork.

3. Ramen 
Ramen is probably the most famous noodle dish from Japan. It is more popular than its counterpart soba and Udon Noodles. Ramen can be served in the broth or separate. Traditional ramen would be served with pork and soft boiled egg, perfect for rainy days.

4. Laksa
Laksa is actually a broad term for a noodle dish cooked in coconut broth or tamarind based broth with either chicken or seafood. The Malay Peranakan style curry dish varied depends on the area. A laksa in Penang is Tamarind (asam) based while the Laksa in other major cities in Malaysia would be coconut based.

5. Pad Thai
A good Pad Thai would have a balance taste of sweet, sour and spicy to it. Flat rice noodles are dressed with fish sauce, fresh lime juice, dried shrimp and chilies and topped with fresh bean sprouts and chopped nuts. This famous dish is perfect for those who love big flavors.

6. Mie Ayam
Another Indonesian classic street dish; Boiled fresh egg noodles, mixed with vegetable oil and light soy sauce, served with chicken braised in sweet soy sauce. Mie ayam is the perfect afternoon meal eaten after work.

7. Singapore Hor Fun
Hor Fun in a typical street hawker food in Singapore, made of flat rice noodle with broth thickened with corn starch. Beef and seafood is the most popular type of Hor Fun that can be found in the city.

8. Vietnamese Pho
This noodle dish is one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes around the world. What makes this dish popular is the fact that such a simple dish can carry so much flavor. The beef broth is the key to a good pho. Cooked for more than 18 hours, the broth accompanied with fresh basil, mint, fresh chili and thinly sliced meat creates something close to magic in a bowl.

9. Japchae
In Korea, Japchae is commonly served as a side dish but it can also be served as a main dish. The noodles are made from sweet potato. They are clear and chewy, cooked with soy sauce, beef and julienne of vegetables.

10. Shan Noodles
Shan noodles are a Burmese traditional noodle dish where chicken or pork cooked in tomatoes, is served over a bed of rice noodles. It can be served with broth on the side or without.

These mouthwatering noodle dishes are scattered around Asia and makes it all the more reason to travel to this side of the world. 

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