Free Things To Do and See in Bali

Nothing is free in this world but Bali has so many cultural activities and natural beauty that holiday goers can enjoy without having to spend a dime. 

Sunset Gazing

Kuta beach is famous as the place to watch the sun sets in every afternoon. At around 5 pm, the color of the sky starts changing into a mix of purple, yellow and red. Find a good spot on the beach, spread your sarong on the sand and relax while nature does its magic.

Religious Ceremony
In Bali, everyday you will have the chance to catch a traditional ceremony held by the locals. Every morning you will see Balinese morning ritual of giving offerings to their Gods, placing canang or flower offerings in front of shops, restaurants and houses. Big ceremony such as Ngaben or burial ceremony will involve the whole banjar or village to carry the deceased to the cemetery. On special days such as Purnama or Full Moon, you will find all Balinese dressed in their traditional clothing going to the temple.

Beachwalk Shopping Center Rooftop

Change your scenery and window shop at Beachwalk shopping center. See the beach from a different angle from the rooftop garden. It is a great spot to take out your selfie stick and great awesome selfies.

Beach Sport

Soccer at the beach can be a real fun activity to do especially if you are traveling in a group. Two pairs of sandals as your goal posts and you are ready to go. Soccer ball can be easily found in the market or small shops along the beach. If you are a solo traveler, a walk or jog along the beach is always a great thing to do.

Traditional Market Trip
Start your day early and get yourself to the nearest traditional market. Immerse yourself into the morning activities of the locals. The market is the core of the community, find fresh local produce and breakfast street food available in abundance. 


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