Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Trying to stay fit during a vacation can be tricky. Temptations are coming at you from all directions,  tropical cocktails to breakfast buffet, it is almost impossible not give in to ordering another glass or picking up that extra slice of bacon.
It is absolutely acceptable to let loose on your holiday, but moderation is key. Here are few tips to keep in shape while still enjoying your holiday.

1. Walk
Try to walk as much as possible, do your sightseeing on foot when possible. Walking helps regulate your blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy.

2. Hydrate
When you are not sipping on cocktails or beer, make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Fresh coconut water is also a great source of hydration with low calories and refreshing taste. Carry a big bottle of water everywhere to remind yourself.

3. Work out Plan
Plan your daily work out to your match your holiday activities. Spend 20 minutes in the morning or evening for a simple stretching exercise or a 20 minute run before starting your day. 

4. Alcohol Free Day
Set a day or two as an alcohol free day to balance out the days where you might go a little crazy on Happy Hours. Order sparkling water or fresh fruit juice as healthier drink options. 

5. Sleep
A jammed pack day full of activities can wear you down and your body needs time to rest and restore energy. Get a full 7 – 8 hours and feel so much more refreshed, with more energy to do more fun activities. 

6. Spa Day
Release that tight knot and tensions from your body. Get into the spa and pamper yourself. Massages are perfect for your blood flow and the sauna or vibrosaun are perfect to get rid of all the toxins in the body. 
These simple tips will make you enjoy your holiday while still maintaining your health. Have a great holiday!

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