The Japanese are known for their intelligence and discipline in whatever they do. This attitude also translates into their most popular food, Sushi. Sushi is the type of food that looks simple and easy to make but in reality a lot of preparation and attention to detail play a large role in making great sushi. To become a good sushi Chef, one must master the intricate and detailed process of creating a plate of Sushi.

Sushi rice is unlike any other rice in Asian cuisine. Short grain Japanese rice is used, cooked to perfection and mixed with the perfect ratio of rice vinegar, sugar and salt. In some cases, kombu or kelp and sake are added to add another layer of flavor. The rice is mixed with the vinegar mixture and allowed to cool until it is manageable with bare hands.

Someone who is looking to become a Itamae or Sushi Chef, must undergo years of training under a Master Itamae. After five years of following orders and helping on the job, they will be involved in making the most important component of Sushi, the rice. The “secret” recipe will be shared and a Senior Itamae will watch closely. After passing the rice making, the Itamae apprentice will be promoted to a position called Wakiita or the one near the cutting board which means this person is now involved with the preparation of fresh fish, vegetables and garnishes used on the plate. Although a Wakiita Is not allowed to serve customers directly this person is allowed to handle takeaway orders.
Sushi comes with different types of toppings and condiments. The main group of Sushi can be divided into 3 categories:
  • Nigiri Sushi: Hand pressed sushi, where the rice is pressed and shaped into a tight oval. A thin strip of raw tuna, salmon, cooked eel or prawn are placed on top of the rice with a little bit of wasabi.
  • Maki Sushi: Hand rolled sushi, where a nori sheet or dried seaweed sheet is laid out flat with sushi rice. A choice of filling be it raw fish, tempura chicken or raw cucumber is placed in middle and it is rolled becoming a compact cylinder showcasing the filling perfectly in the middle. The cylinder then cut into 6 or 8 making it into a bite size piece.
  • Chirasi Sushi: Scattered sushi where the slices of raw fish and vegetables are placed loosely on top of rice in a bento box. This type of sushi are not as well-known as the first two but can be commonly found in popular sushi restaurants.

As simple as it seems Sushi is a complex delicacy that needs years and years to perfect skills. A good plate of Sushi will wow the palate with the freshness of the fish or vegetables combined with the balanced flavor of the rice.

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