A Cup of Java

The term “a cup of Java” is commonly used to describe a cup of coffee. But why “Java”? Java is one of the main islands of Indonesia that back in the 17th century was colonized by the Dutch and coffee beans were the main commodity. Until today, the term is still used by those who enjoy a hot cup of black coffee in the morning.

Coffee bean origins are not the only thing that matters in the modern coffee world; Brewing methods, from French Press to Moka Pot, roasting technique from light roast to dark roast, not to mention the many types of milk that can be used from full fat cow’s milk to almond milk.

Remember going to a modern specialty coffee shop for the first time? A regular cup is called a Tall and they actually serve a cup that can contain close to a liter of specialty coffee drinks. A Coffee shop is more than a place to get your cup of strong black coffee that is desperately needed before dealing your boss and colleagues on a week day.

For now, let’s get back to basics and get to know the type of coffee that you will most likely order tomorrow morning. We know and love Italian coffees and the term cappuccino, latte and flat white but it is always great to know what differentiate these drinks.

To give a clear image on what goes in to a cup, we have this great illustration that can be a simple guide to your Italian coffee. Perhaps, after looking at the chart, you will prefer a flat white over a latte.

To experience a good cup of coffee in Kuta, stop by at Kopi & Kue. Top quality Balinese coffee beans are roasted in house and don’t forget to get a slice of freshly baked cake.

Kopi & Kue opens daily from 06.00 – 19.00


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